ig; demoniclydia
Goodbye vine, thanks for everything.
but it was only just a dream.. cc wolvela | my audio kinda THE MANIPS SUCK BUT STYDIA DOESNT
I never posted this, can you believeeee ib many | audio ib many cc wolvela
deserves better cc wolvela
lovers cc wolvela | ib CRITICAL BANSHEE-bio
mEmE cc ig: _aesthete._ | ac sleeper audios
you really feel that way? cc celestial
the looks cc wolvela | my audio
I'll be posting till the 17th
I'm just gonna post here till Vine officially ends :) so I'm back! ac sarcastic. | cc wolvela
so noble, so misunderstood. cc celestial | ac stydiaswings
since vine is ending I thought it would be smart for me to post my social medias :)
so pure and adorable ac starlight (slightly changed) | cc aesthete.
some people asked me to post the audio without the voice over, so here ya go! Don't forget to credit me!!
respect your elders cc wolvela | my audio
precious bean. cc wolvela | ac ig: _diaphaneity
hottest couple ever — for chels :3 ac shin coups 100% ib moralized :) cc wolvela
motel california cc wolvela | i failed the loop rip
stiles only cares abt himself — for hannah *drops mic* #dphntyto60k
this was my game, — for felipe c: tysm for 1mil loops! | cc wolvela